Thursday, 14 August 2014

Italy, Venice - Then & Now - Part 3

Well finally we have found some more time to continue with our Then & Now project which has been in the works for a couple of years. 

This is Part 3 in our Venice "Then & Now"series of photos. To see Part 1, which explains more about this project visit -

This image was taken in Piazzetta dei Leoncini which is a small square of Venice annexed to Piazza San Marco. A Piazzetta is small extension to a piazza. It is located between the northern facade of the Basilica of San Marco, the Patriarchal Palace and the church of San Basso.  The Piazzetta dei Leoncini received its name because of the presence of two beautiful lions in red Verona marble sculpted by Giovanni Bonazza in 1722. Behind the well-head is St Marks Square and the Basilica is to the left in the image.

We have tried to get the images as close to the original as possible however this has not always been possible but it gives you pretty good idea of the "Then & Now" concept. We have used Photoshop to blend some of the original image into the new photo to enhance the concept.

This is the original image from the Ricordo di Venezia. As the publication is not dated we're not 100% sure when this was taken but would guess it to be 1920's or 1930's
This is the same image as the first however we have blended the well-head from a shot taken in 2012. Some of the pigeons on the steps are also from the old image.
The same view in 2012

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