Thursday, 10 April 2014

So you want to be a Travel Photographer! - Part 2

We hope our last post whetted your appetite with some points on how to become a Travel Photographer. We continue below with the remaining points that we consider important on your photographic journey. We hope this inspires you.

  • A good business sense - this is crucial to be successful. Although we would like to be off
    Kiritimati Island, Kiribati
    Kiritimati Island, Kiribati
    shooting images all year round, unfortunately, there is the "paperwork" side of the business that still needs to be done. Try to develop the skill to see great business opportunities for different uses of your images. There are still endless opportunities out there it's just a matter of training your mind to see them.
  • Computer skills - another very important point. Most people are computer literate these days, however, being a Travel Photographer means having knowledge with not only complicated software but also computer hardware. The photographic industry and software development is constantly changing and if you can't keep up then you'll get left behind.
  • Output - a Travel Photographer has to be aware of all the possible outputs for their images and concentrate on the ones that work best for them. With us, we do Tourism & Resort Photography and Publishing. However other Travel Photographers concentrate on providing travel images for magazines, stock libraries, calendars etc. It's just a matter of finding your own niche and developing the market within that niche.
  • Social Media - this is a very powerful tool for today's photographers and important in "getting your name out there",  however, do not get carried away with putting images on every social media network. Once again, find the ones that work for you and stick with them. We currently only use Facebook, Google+ and Twitter (to a small extent). We find that Twitter is a great way to advertise what you're placing on your main social media networks.
  • Driving - be comfortable in driving on both sides of the road and watch those roundabouts!!!
  • Fitness - Lastly but certainly not least is that you must be moderately fit. Most days when out shooting we can walk anything up to 20kms per day while carrying all your gear which is why your selection of equipment and camera bag is vital. Too much gear and the wrong type of camera bag can result in a lot of money spent on aching shoulders, headaches, strained neck muscles etc (and that's just the first day lol)

La Fenice Theatre, Venice - Italy
La Fenice Theatre, Venice - Italy
That just about covers everything.

If you find that you can tick most of the points above then you have the "right stuff" and are on the right road to being a Professional Travel Photographer.  If not then at least this gives you a "blueprint" of what you need to do in order to break into the world of Travel Photography.

Please Note: We do not suggest that you immediately quit your job and hit the road based on your ability to tick all these points. Continue to develop your skills during holidays & weekends and develop a business plan and eventually when you have enough income derived from your travel images to cover most of your living expenses then make the move.

You only live once: Ah, bugger above, quit your job and go have a great time and if it doesn't work - do something else :-)

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