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Kiribati, Kiritimati

Bonefishing in Kiritimati, Kiribati
A couple of posts ago we featured the island of Tarawa so thought it appropriate to do a post on Kiritimati island which is also part of Kiribati. As mentioned in our previous post, Tarawa & Kiritimati are separated by 3,300 kilometers of Pacific Ocean and can only be reached by a weekly flight from Nadi in Fiji or Honolulu in Hawaii. The Air Pacific flight usually lands here en route to Honolulu and stops again in Kiritimati on its return to Nadi. Most of the tourists who visit this remote island are sports fisherman who come for the world-class bonefishing (similar to flyfishing without the river) and the occasional yacht, cruise ship & surfer. The accommodation on the island is simple but comfortable and the food & hospitality of the locals is fantastic.Surprisingly, Kiritimati (also known as Christmas Island, mainly because it is pronounced ki-ris-mas) is quite a large island and most accommodation (we recommend The Villages Lodge) is located not far from the main town of London. Car hire can usually be organised with tour & accommodation operators on the island, however, if driving around on your own we strongly suggest that you let the local tourist office know where you are going as there are some extremely remote areas where there is little traffic and locals.
Broken Down in Kiritimati, Kiribati
Broken Down
Our vehicle broke down in one of these remote areas and our guide spent 1-2 hours walking to get assistance. Don't let this put you off as this island is absolutely awesome in its diverse landscape and beauty. We found this island to be as close to landscape photography paradise (in the island category) as anywhere we have been. Keen birdwatchers must visit the bird sanctuary on Cook Island as this is home to 18 different species of birds including the endangered Phoenix Petrel & the White Throated Storm Petrel.

Some of the places to see and things to do when visiting Kiritimati are -
Canoe in the Lagoon, Kiritimati - Kiribati
The Lagoon
  1. Cook Island Bird Sanctuary - you will have to organise this through a Tour Operator or the Kiribati Tourism Office.
  2. Korean Wreck 
  3. Boat Trip on the Lagoon
  4. Visit the Salt Flats 
  5. Beaches near the area known as Paris
  6. Visit the village of Poland
  7. Sunday church service
  8. Try Bonefishing & Deep Sea Fishing.  Local tour operators and accommodation will be able to organise a guide and boat
  9. Scuba Diving - some of the clearest water you will ever see!
  10. Chill out and relax.
For any further information on Kiritimati visit the Kiribati National Tourism Office. For a map of Kiritimati click here. We produce one of the postcard ranges on both Tarawa & Kiritimati. To view, the postcards click here. 

*Please note that we refer to the island as Kiritimati rather than the more common title of Christmas Island as this gets confused with the Christmas Island located off the north-west coast of Australia.
To see more images of Kiritimati visit our website.

Remote Beach in the area know as Paris, Kiritimati - Kiribati
Remote Beach in the area known as Paris

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