Friday, 26 February 2016

New Release - Topaz DeNoise 6 software

We have been using this software for ages and it really is great for reducing Noise in problem areas of an image without affecting the whole image. This version includes lots of presets for different cameras shot at high ISO settings. So when you're in low light and can't use a tripod and afraid to raise the ISO to get a faster shutter speed, look no further. Now you can take these shots with a high ISO without sacrificing detail. Whether you’re shooting in low light, using fast speeds, or encountering noisy conditions, Topaz DeNoise gives you the peace of mind to know that you’ll end up with a crisp, clear, and noise-free result.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

ON1 ReSize 2017

With ON1 Resize, you can enlarge any photo up to 1000% without loss of sharpness or detail. It's the gold standard for photo enlargements using the Genuine Fractals® technology. Whether enlarging photos from your mobile device or your camera, ON1 Resize gives you everything needed for the highest quality photo enlargements. To find out more click on the image below.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

ON1 ReSize 2017

ON1, Inc. has announced ON1 Resize 2017, the latest version of their award winning Genuine Fractals® technology. ON1 Resize is also part of the ON1 Photo Raw 2018 suite.

ON1 Resize allows photographers to get the highest quality photo enlargements, using Genuine Fractals technology–patented, fractal-based interpolation algorithms—to enlarge photos up to 1000% without the loss of sharpness or detail. Popular features like the gallery wrap and tiling options are included, an overhaul of the user interface, and more.