Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Review - No More Ugly camera satchels

Recently we stumbled upon a local (Sydney, Australia) camera satchel retailer that is determined to rid the world of ugly camera bags. They were kind enough to supply us with a satchel (same one as in the pictures below), which we took into the field several times.

The satchels are well constructed and although not waterproof would take a moderate amount of drenching due to the thick material that they are made from. The insert is soft and your camera will fit snugly although with an L bracket on our Sony A7r and a standard zoom lens attached it made the satchel bulge a bit.
Back View - closest to body
Inside - From Above - Empty
Inside - From Above - With Gear 
Inside - From Above - No Insert
Side View
Front - with Shoulder Strap

The buckles at the front are quite deceiving as they are not designed to be undone. Instead they connect to the bag using a snap buckle at the rear of the buckle. However when the bag was full including contents in the front pockets this made the satchel bulge which made it slightly difficult to close easily. 
Angled View - From Above

There is also a narrow gap between the inserts and the edge of the satchel that is perfect for carrying an iPad or tablet. The two pockets at the front are great for any filters or accessories. There is another pocket on the body side of the satchel that could fit a mobile phone, notepad etc however we would not use this pocket for any valuables while travelling.

The satchels are available in several sizes and colours. The satchel we tested was the "Canvas Camera Satchel Khaki Large" (the same as the pictures above). The bags are very affordable at AUD$59.95* (Small, in all colours), AUD $74.95* (Medium, only in Dark Brown, Light Brown and Two-Tone Brown) and AUD$84.95* (Large, in all colours). Below are some of the other styles -

 Camera Satchel Dark Brown - Large
 Camera Satchel Light Brown - Large

Camera Satchel Two-Tone Brown - Large
Camera Satchel Tan - Large
Now while we think these vintage looking camera satchels are really cool and awesome for the fashion conscience photographer they may not be very practical for anyone that wants to carry more than 2 lenses (large zoom) on a mirrorless or DSLR system. If you are a photographer that carries a compact mirrorless camera system with maybe smaller prime/zoom lenses e.g. Sony a6000 with 2 lenses (or similar) then maybe these are the satchels for you. Those photographers with more equipment and accessories may not benefit from their current line of camera satchels in their current format. 

All in all, we really like these bags if we were heading out for the day and just wanted to take minimal gear.  There definitely is a niche market for these satchels especially amongst the fashion conscience that carry minimal equipment and they will love these bags and it will serve them well.

If you are interested in purchasing a bag they are only available online at -

* Pricing is correct as at 3rd Sept 2015
If you have any comments or questions about these satchels then we'd love to hear from you.

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