Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Topaz Detail Promotion

Topaz Labs has an amazing suite of plug-ins which we use on almost every image we process. Their Detail plug-in is one of our favourites and will really make your images pop. If you've seen our images on our Google+ profiles (see below) then you'll understand the benefits of using this plug-in. 

From April 10-30 there is a 50% promotion on Topaz Detail, with coupon code . Simply follow the link below and add aprdetail in the coupon code field and click on Apply. This will allow you to purchase the plug-in for only $19.99.

Topaz Detail helps photographers get tack-sharp images that "pop". Here are the main benefits of using it:

* Better control over image detail. Detail uses size-based processing that lets you independently adjust small, medium, and large details.
* More natural images. The technology in Detail substantially reduces the halos and artifacts you get from over-sharpening.
* More volume and three-dimensionality. Detail can enhance larger image features to increase the perceived "depth" of your photo.

You can also see some examples on the product page:

Please Note: As we are a Topaz Affiliate we may receive a commission for sales using the above link.

If you would like to ask us any questions about this plug-in then leave us a comment.

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