Monday, 28 May 2012

Kiribati, Kiritimati

Bonefishing in Kiritimati, Kiribati
A couple of posts ago we featured the island of Tarawa so thought it appropriate to do a post on Kiritimati island which is also part of Kiribati. As mentioned in our previous post, Tarawa & Kiritimati are separated by 3,300 kilometers of Pacific Ocean and can only be reached by a weekly flight from Nadi in Fiji or Honolulu in Hawaii. The Air Pacific flight usually lands here en route to Honolulu and stops again in Kiritimati on its return to Nadi. Most of the tourists who visit this remote island are sports fisherman who come for the world-class bonefishing (similar to flyfishing without the river) and the occasional yacht, cruise ship & surfer. The accommodation on the island is simple but comfortable and the food & hospitality of the locals is fantastic.

Friday, 25 May 2012


Talava Arches, Niue
Niue (pronounced New-ay) is a tiny  South Pacific island located 2,400 kilometers (1,500 miles) north-east of New Zealand. The land area is just 260 sq. kilometers and is known as "The Rock" to the approximately 1,400 inhabitants. Surprisingly there is quite a lot to see and do on Niue, especially if you love reef walking, cavingbiking, diving, golfing, whale watching or even if you just want to chill out.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Kiribati, Tarawa

Father son carrying a fishing net, Biketawa - Kiribati
This image was taken on Biketawa Islet in North Tarawa, Kiribati (ki-ri-bas). The father & son are heading off fishing. We especially like the expression on the fathers face, it really makes the shot. We were fortunate, as you can imagine in such a remote place, that they came by and offered us some foreground interest to liven up an otherwise dull image. It was pure luck that they wore great contrasting colours !! We chose a wide aperture to soften the background to draw attention to the subjects. Purists would say "to improve this shot you should have positioned the subjects further to the right in the frame", however most travel photography images are taken quickly and on the spur of the moment. We literally ran until we were in range to capture this image before they disappeared. Sometime you just need to get the shot and not worry too much about 'the rules' in photography. Always use 'the rules' as a guide but don't worry too much about breaking them.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Italy, Taormina

HDR image of alleyway in Taormina, Sicily - Italy
Made in Sicily
This is an HDR shot that we took in Taormina while shooting images for our Cruising the Mediterranean series of pictorial souvenir books.

Taormina is located on the east coast of Sicily and is about halfway between the towns of Messina & Catania. The town is perched on a hillside overlooking the Ionian Sea and is about a 45 minute drive to Mt Etna, Europe's largest active volcano.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Fiji Islands, Taveuni

Fiji Waterfall, Taveuni - Fiji

This is one of Paul's favourite Fiji images. It was taken on the island of Taveuni in Fiji with the Fuji G617 Panoramic Camera. The waterfall is located on the east coast of Taveuni, known as the Garden Island, and can only be reached by a 90 minute hike along the Lavena Coastal Walk. We were lucky on the day that we took this as the weather was overcast with the occasional shower making the image low contrast allowing heaps of detail. Many people swim in the surprisingly icy waters to the waterfalls (there's actually another waterfall slightly to the left but out of shot). Most people go to the more popular Bouma Falls which are not far away so you may get the place to yourself. We hired a guide in Lavena who not only carried the tripod but who also constantly ran off into the bushes or climbed coconut trees to provide us with a different fruit each time. 

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Greece - Santorini

HDR image of a Blue door, Santorini - Greece
We love doors!!. Everywhere we seem to travel we always come back with heaps of doors and other abstract shots. You have probably noticed this on our website. We think that doors, especially weathered and unusual doors give a destination a lot of character. The doors in this post were all take on the island of Santorini in the Greek Islands. We have been there many times over the years as if drawn there by some huge magnet. A visit to the village of Oia has to be on every travellers "bucket list" but don't forget to visit other villages on the island such as Pyrgos where you can get spectacular views over Santorini's interior. Make sure you also visit the volcanic islands of Nea Kameni & Palea Kameni offering spectacular views looking back at Fira, the main town of Santorini.

These single images have been tonemapped using HDR software Photomatix Pro, they have also been sharpened with Nik Sharpener Pro 3.0. We used the 'structure slider' to add some more texture to the doors and to highlight the wood grain.